Innovative Startups

Do you need experienced Startup lawyers?
Our lawyers offer advice and assistance in the area of Innovative Startups.

The experience of the firm’s members at leading U.S. law firms has allowed the consolidation of expertise in the area of assistance and advice to innovative startups, i.e., those companies with a strong innovative vocation, including technology, established by DL 179/2012, which made amendments to the Civil Code in the area of corporate law.

Innovative Startups: why enlist the help of a lawyer?

Normally, legal help is crucial starting with the idea and business model, which cannot be left to chance or be changed during the course of the business. At the same time, legal help is essential for business dynamics.
In order to become a startup, all companies must possess the requirements set by the law as well as subsequently register in the special section of the Companies Registry. For registration it is necessary to submit a special application enclosing a statement attesting to the possession of various requirements of the company.
Bring your Innovative Startup to life, while we at ShieldLex take care of all legal aspects.

How we can help you

The firm offers assistance to innovative startups, including those with a social vocation, offering every broader support also with reference to the search for financing, as well as in the area of crowdfunding activities, other than in relations with incubators, accelerators and venture capital.

Specifically, ShieldLex offers:

  • Advice and assistance in the area of identifying the correct corporate structure, as well as in the area of preparing the articles of incorporation, bylaws and any shareholder agreements that best meet the needs of innovative companies;
  • Advice and assistance in the context of regulatory activities aimed at the issuance of equity financial instruments and any form of different regulation and/or distribution of governance and labor (Stock Option Regulations; Work for Equity Regulations; Board of Advisor Regulations; etc.);
  • Assistance in the context of operations of an extraordinary nature, investment agreements, acquisitions and/or exits, as well as any form of ongoing and/or spot assistance with regard to the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts, which enable strategic development of startups.

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